Urban Spey Whisky Glass

Set of 6 or individual

The Spey Glass is an ideal glass for enjoying spirits like whisky, brandy, cognac or rum.

It concentrates the aromas at the top of the glass for nosing and has a wide heavy base inside to allow the aromas to release without a harsh alcohol burn, allowing you to enjoy the spirit flavour at its best.

These glasses improve the experience for the whisky connoisseur by making it feel like its something you should slow down and really enjoy. The shape is a modern twist on a well-known favourite, the Glencairn whisky glass. With the inward curve near the top of the glass, it can elevate the senses by delivering the aroma where it can be appreciated. The quality can easily be noticed at a glance but picking up the glass and feeling the substantial weight which also contributes to the feel of a well-made product.