The Tanist 43% abv


This extraordinarily smooth, sweet, yet rich whisky is forged by a long marriage of spirit in ‘double wood’, essentially using two types of oak barrels to mature the spirit. The early smooth honey, sweet vanilla and citrus character is derived from the harder American oak, whilst the bold rich flavours of stone fruits, dark toffees and old sherry come from the lush French oak casks. The rich, oily malts create a honey-like mouthfeel and a beautifully long finish.

Naming of The Tanist – whilst the distillery name ‘Chief’s Son’ is derived from our surname McIntosh or Mhic an Tóisich in Scottish Gaelic, under the ancient system of tanistry, the tanist was the heir apparent to the chief and second in command of the family. Elected by common vote during the chief’s lifetime, the tanist represents the most worthy, capable and ambitious of all, qualified to take on chieftainship at any time. Selected from amongst all worthy kin, the tanist ensures balance, strength and succession of the family. Therefore, ‘The Tanist’ single malt whisky is forged.

The Empowerment Series – what empowers the tanist? We’re all on a journey somewhere between ‘Ambition’ and ‘Achievement’. From early years, we all want to become something and over time our concept of what achievement looks like starts to emerge. Whilst it’s a journey that is often changed, delayed or re-purposed, nothing can be achieved without the development of the mind and the body. Through the use of single words, the Empowerment Series reflects the many qualities required to navigate this journey. With 40 different ‘empowerment words’ in the series, each bottle of The Tanist reflects one of these defining traits.


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Tasting Notes

CS-Flavour-Map-The-Tanist-43 The Tanist 43% abv


Auburn, brilliant clarity, 7/0 viscosity.


Sweet peaches in syrup, wild honey, soft citrus and vanilla, combined with old sherry and crisp toffee.


Silky sweet honey, rich vanilla, gentle sherry oak, roasted malts and dark toffee with a length of sweet smoke.


Complex, deep vanilla toffee, sherry and oak.


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