BARREL 333 | 700ml

This ground breaking and exclusive Peated Cask Experience pack is designed to challenge your understanding and knowledge of single malt whisky and in particular peated malts.

The Peated Malt Experience – This limited pack has been created for you to completely understand peated malt whisky from the peated malt, through new make whisky, to the pure, unfiltered cask strength whisky at 66.32%abv. To do this, this experience includes:


  • 700ml ‘Peated Malt’ Single Malt Whisky at 66.23%abv
  • 50ml ‘Peated Malt’ New Make Spirit at 63.50%abv
  • 200ml Pure Water
  • 25ml bottle of Peated Malt
  • 1 x Glencairn etched Chief’s Son Distillery glass
  • 2 x 10ml plastic pipettes
  • 50ml glass measuring cylinder the ‘make up vessel’
  • 1 x presentation box
  • An information sheet with ‘strength guide’
  • Free Shipping or Distillery pickup

Peated Cask 333 and YOU – As the most disputed cask of the Chief’s Son Distillery arsenal, much of the whisky was used for ongoing testing at strengths ranging from 40%abv, right up to pure cask at 66.32%abv. Every ‘excited’ time it was tested, everyone was blown away, but relentlessly disagreed and continuously changed our own opinions, over, and over, and over. As a rule breaker, the ultimate decision was to allow you to experience the evolution of this whisky as we did, at the time and strength of your own choosing.


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Personal Tasting Notes

Peated-Malt-tasting-notes PEATED MALT EXPERIENCE 66.32% ABV

We invite you to explore the extraordinary range of aromas and flavours contained within this single cask of peated whisky, at its different alcoholic strengths. From high to low, we’ve managed to identify incredibly different characteristics ranging from rich tobacco and caramelised nuts to earthy wood and oven-dried apricots to crisp toffee and smoke-dried oranges. 

So now it’s over to you to discover your perfect Peated Malt whisky – enjoy the journey.

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