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Distiller’s Select 2020 46.50%abv


The Distiller’s Select series is an annual, limited release bottling, hand selected by the Distiller’s to reveal the most exciting and unique styles and finishing’s of whisky created by Chief’s Son Distillery.

All of the whisky for the 2020 bottling was nurtured through two x100L French oak barrels, firstly ex-Apera and secondly ex-Mornington Peninsula Brewery Belgian Tripel. Over four years, this has created a unique Single Malt Whiksy that embodies the Chief’s Son DNA, but adds a dark sweetness, intensity of malt and an exceptional depth of flavour.

With very limited distribution, this annual bottling offers loyal supporters a unique insight into the individuality of our Single Malt Whiskies.

Please enjoy with Friends and Family.


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Tasting Notes

Distillers-Select-2020-Radar Distiller's Select 2020 46.50%abv


Mahogany, brilliant clarity, 8/10 viscosity.


Warm custard and sponge cake, clean sharp almonds and coconut, big malt with gentle hops and French tea.


Smooth oak, apricot jam and vanilla, fresh pears with roasted malts and slight peppery.


Medium, smooth creamy malts, fruit jam.