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Distiller’s Select 2021 SOLD OUT

47.50%abv | 700ml

Derived from our oldest & richest French Oak ex Apera barrels, the 2021 bottling is based on Barrel #2; the second barrel ever filled by the Distillery, augmented with a number of 20L casks of the same age, it is an incredibly bold, rich and smooth spirit.

With very limited distribution, this annual bottling offers loyal supporters a unique insight into the individuality of our Single Malt Whiskies.

This bold whisky embodies incredible uniqueness, strength & character to be enjoyed “slowly” with Friends and Family.


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Tasting Notes

211118-CSD-Whisky-Radar-Distillers-Select-21 Distiller's Select 2021 SOLD OUT


Old Oak, brilliant clarity, 8/10 viscosity.


Dried tea and hay, maple syrup, rich tobacco and earth, oloroso, roasted coffee beans, warm rich toffee, warm caramel slice, floral honey


Smooth thick roasted malts, toffee’d apple cake, popping candy, soft citrus and marmalade.


Long and deep, sweet creamy malts, old oak, fruit jam and soft orange.