Cask Expression 58% abv

Release 6 Porter | 700ml | SILVER

As part of our ongoing collaborative range of whiskies, this incredibly unique Cask Expression bottling sees our 900 Standard whisky spending an additional 3 years maturing in an ex Mornington Peninsula Brewery, American oak, Porter beer barrel. This robust Porter imparts dark coffee malts, maple syrup and a rich aromatic zest to the whisky.



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Tasting Notes

230208-CSD-Whisky-Radar-Cask-Expression-R6-Porter Cask Expression 58% abv


Brown sherry, excellent clarity, 6/10 viscosity.


Dark brown sugar, cola, Armagnac, dried tea, ironbark honey and chocolate.


Vanilla, rich maple, dark chocolate malts, toasted coconut with coffee and aromatic bitter notes.


Subtle linger of coffee, roasted dark grains, maple and soft tannins with a definite pleasant Porter finish.


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