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Cask Expression 58.00% abv

Dark Russian | 700ml

Inspired by

When Peter the Great opened Czarist Russia to the West in the early 18th century, he immediately started importing heavy stout beers from England to the Imperial court in Russia. To survive the long journey the amount of alcohol and hops in the stout was dramatically increased. The resultant inky black brew, with its warm and complex character, immediately become a sensation throughout Russia. The “Russian Imperial Stout” had been born and quickly became popular throughout broader Europe.

This very limited release from the Chief’s Son arsenal represents some of our oldest and richest whisky. This dark, sweet and aromatic 58% Dark Russian has seen 5 years in a combination of 100L Apera (Sherry) and 100L Russian Imperial Stout barrels.

This bold whisky embodies incredible uniqueness, strength and character and must be enjoyed “slowly” with Friends and Family.


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Tasting Notes

210728-CSD-Whisky-Radar-Dark-Russian-I Cask Expression 58.00% abv


Old Oak, dark, 9/10 viscosity.


Crisp baked apple, dark tinned fruit drops and dried fruits. Maple syrup, rich tobacco, with a hint of apple sponge cake


Thick roasted malts, heavy stout and beautiful old apple wood.


Super long and wide, velvet creamy malts, big stout finish


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