Cask Expression 46%

Release 7 Belgian Blonde | 700ml

This ‘Cask Expression – Belgian Blonde at 46.00%’ is a shining example of our unique and individual approach to malt whisky.

Two main whiskies comprise this hand selected Cask Expression. The first was matured in second fill French oak, ex-Apera casks to create a light honey, citrus and caramel whisky. The second was matured in a first fill French oak, ex-Tawny / Port cask to impart the characters of dried stone fruits, chocolate marmalade and pears. Both whiskies were then transferred into an American oak, ex-Jamaican Rum barrel for a secondary maturation to bond and to add rich lemonade and dark, nectary sugar flavours.

The term Belgian Blonde was identified as the best descriptor for this whisky, tasting something like a smooth, alcoholic, barrel aged Belgian Tripel Beer.

This coupling of oak, apera, port and rum has forged a unique Single Malt Whisky that embodies the Chief’s Son character, whilst adding incredible dark sweetness, intensity of malt and an exceptional depth of flavour.

With very limited distribution, this bottling offers a beautifully individual Single Malt Whiskies


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Tasting Notes

201110-CSD-Whisky-Radar-CXR7-46 Cask Expression 46%


Mahogany, brilliant clarity, 7/10 viscosity.


Spirituous lemonade, honey & almonds, rich malts, caramel and orange sponge cake.


Citrus burst, honey, peach & almonds, peppery American oak, dried pears and bitter rye.


Medium, smooth creamy malts and sweet lollies.


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