Australian Pot Still Blended Whisky | 700ml

A proud collaboration of friendship between Chief’s Son Distillery and Tar Barrel Brewery & Distillery. These independently, hand-made Australian whiskies are united to create a fusion of two distinct styles of pot still made whisky, one Single Malt Whisky and one Rye based Whiskey.

Both aged in American Oak barrels, it comprises the Tar Barrel’s ‘Cheviot’ four grain whisky and the Chief’s Son’s ‘American Oak’ single malt. Together they excite the senses with floral vanilla, soft citrus, reduced apricots and fire roasted almonds, whilst the palate reflects sweet brûlée toffee, dark vanilla, boiled lollies and dried pears. This beautifully smooth whisky has a medium finish that lingers on the palate with pops of meringue and boiled lollies.


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