900 Sweet Peat 45% abv

Release 10 | 700ml

This modern, mild style of sweet peated malt whisky is not a kick-in-the-head peated malt. This truly unique whisky creates a sweet, silky, creamy drinking experience, with a beautifully long finish. Add a touch of water to this whisky to really bring out the richness of the sweet malts and floral peat. All matured in ex-fortified French oak barrels.


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Tasting Notes

CS-Flavour-Map-900-Sweet-Peat-45 900 Sweet Peat 45% abv


Golden, good clarity, 6/10 viscosity.


Crème brûlée, vanilla beans, stewed stone fruits, tobacco and earthy peat.


Creamy, sweet malt and balanced soft peat.


Medium to long, warm silky peated malt, soft sherry and tobacco.


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