900 Standard Single Cask 60% abv

Barrel 178 | 700ml | BEST IN CLASS | GOLD | SILVER

We check and test every barrel, multiple times over the years. This is a labour-intensive process. However, there are the occasions we strike whisky gold and there is just cause to celebrate. Our Single Cask barrels clearly stand out among peers for their aroma, flavour, texture, individuality and depth of character. They are genuinely unique.

As such we hand bottle these as 900 Standard Single Cask bottlings.


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Tasting Notes

201110-CSD-Whisky-Radar-900-STd-Single-Cask-60 900 Standard Single Cask 60% abv


Oloroso, brilliant clarity, 8/10 viscosity.


Strong baked stone fruits, raisons, dark vanilla and old oak. Sherry & warm caramel with crisp toffee. Very old oak & sweet tobacco. .


Strong & smooth, molasses with dark malts. Sherry, rich cocoa, liquorice and brittle toffee.


Long, warm sherried & old oak.


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Also in the Range