900 Standard Single Cask 46% abv

Port Cask | Barrel 339 | 700ml

This single French oak cask #339 was originally coopered by the Dargaud Et Jaeglé cooperage in France, who utilise traditional splitting and drying techniques. Used for maturing Port, the used barrel was re-coopered for whisky using a slow toast to caramelise the sugars and then fired to create a heavy char layer. Filled with our 900 Standard new make, this whisky has developed into a beautifully complex earthy bouquet of sweet peaches, citrus, maple and orange chocolate.

Single Cask #339 whisky received a Silver award in the 2024 World Whisky Awards.


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Tasting Notes

240209-CSD-Whisky-Radar-Port-Cask-46 900 Standard Single Cask 46% abv


Chestnut, brilliant clarity, 6/10 viscosity.


Vanilla sugar and salted caramel, candied peaches, soft citrus, and maple syrup.


Super smooth, rich peaches, maple syrup, soft blackcurrants and raisins, dark chocolate and orange marmalade.


A long finish of creamy maple, dark citrus and soft spices.


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