900 Standard 60% abv

Release 4 Simpson | 700ml

Sourced from the same flagship 900 Standard barrels, at 60% abv this whisky retains a significantly larger proportion of the oils, esters and flavours derived from both the malts and the oak. This creates a darker, denser or waxier whisky, with significantly richer flavours.

The Family Series – take a journey with us over the past 100 years of our family’s history. After our first release ‘25 Words’, we embarked on the Family Series for our 900 Standard whisky releases. There’s no secrets here, so this is where we’ve been, where we’re at and where we’re heading.




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Tasting Notes

CS-Flavour-Map-900-Standard-60 900 Standard 60% abv


Oloroso, brilliant clarity, 8/10 viscocity.


Big baked stone fruits and dark vanilla, old oaked sherry and warm caramel with crisp toffee. Very old oak and sweet tobacco.


Very big, round and smooth, concentrated dark malts with sherry, a hint of dark chocolate, brittle toffee and liquorice.


Long, warm sherried and old oak.


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