900 Pure Malt 45% abv

Release 9 | 700ml

You won’t taste this style of single malt from any other distillery in the world! The 900 Pure Malt switches out the peat for some darker specialty malt and is uniquely distilled using only fresh whisky wash and no fores-and-feints. This creates an incredibly crisp, full bodied, deep malt explosion of caramel, toffee and baked fruits. All matured in ex-fortified French oak barrels. Distilled only twice a year, this exceptional whisky is without a doubt the most unique and uplifting whisky on the market.


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Tasting Notes

CS-Flavour-Map-900-Pure-Malt-45 900 Pure Malt 45% abv


Madeira, brilliant clarity, 6/10 viscosity.


Madeira, brilliant clarity, 6/10 viscosity.


Concentrated malt, smooth alcohol, balanced sweetness with toffee.


Medium, creamy malt, slight sherry and smooth oak.


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