900 American Oak 45% abv

Limited Release | 700ml

Our sweet vanilla, summer whisky is so enchanting… The 900 American Oak is a beautiful, clean reflection of our new make spirit. Aged on gentle American oak, the whisky transforms into a delicate, sweet balanced of candied stone fruits, rich vanilla, warm summer flowers and creamy citrus. This is a limited release with only a few American Oak barrels filled at the distillery each year. Still big, but so, so different to its French oak siblings.


Tasting Notes

American-Oak-45-Radar 900 American Oak 45% abv


Deep copper, brilliant clarity, 5/10 viscosity.


Vanilla, marzipan, pears and peaches, candied fruits and flower perfume.


Deep spiritous vanilla, pears, peaches, citrus candy and floral honey.


Medium, fairy floss and smooth maple syrup.


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