Private Casks are about legacy and connections.  Chiefs Son is now offering you the opportunity to create a legacy with your family and friends by offering the opportunity to own a Private Cask. Click here or complete the form below to request further information.

Legacy and Connections

Whether your cask is for family, time honoured friends, a company looking to build more meaningful connections, or to support a landmark event, your hand crafted whisky will help to strengthen every memory & every connection. As the owner of a Private Cask, you will embark on an inspiring journey from new make whisky, through maturation to bottle, uniting & connecting every person involved. When it comes to Private Casks, the team at Chief’s Son Distillery are passionate about supporting you in crafting your own truly unique, legacy Single Malt Whisky.


“In 2015 we very proudly laid down the McIntosh Family Special Reserve Cask. In 2021 we bottled it. Each precious bottle is locked away and reserved for truly special family occasions, including births, deaths & marriages. This legacy whisky will last our family over 100 years. Slainte Mhath”

Stuart & Naomi McIntosh


You will have a choice of Barrel type, Size and Finishing,  our offer document outlines the barrels available, expected yield and time frames.

If you are interested in more information please complete the enquiry form or send us an email.

If you wish to discuss further then feel free to contact us:
Office: 03 9013 0859
Email: . There is always an open invitation to visit us @ 25 / 50 Guelph Street SOMERVILLE VIC 3912 Australia