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Australian Made Single Malt Whisky

May 24, 2024 | All | 0 comments


As a Australian family-owned and operated, Single Malt Whisky distillery located on Australia’s beautiful Mornington Peninsula we’re proud to promote Australian Made Whisky this week.⁠

Located at the head of the Mornington Peninsula, our weather comes in off the Great Australian Bight, bringing an abundance of fresh air, four seasons in a day, beautifully soft water, glorious sun and crisp cold winters. Our incredibly variable weather provides the perfect temperature variance for the relatively quick maturation of whisky. One of the most interesting aspects of maturing whisky in our hot climate is that the heat and wind actually dehydrate the barrels, drawing water out. Whilst our Angel’s Share would ‘scare the hose of any Scot’, this phenomena assists greatly in extracting bolder and richer flavour from our barrels. ⁠

When you buy Australian Made, you’re supporting local businesses, creating Aussie jobs, and enjoying products made to our high standards of quality.⁠

SC-Port-V5-1-1 Australian Made Single Malt Whisky
Our latest release, 900 Single Cask, Port 46% reflects our dedication to producing a 100% Australian quality Single Malt Whisky