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How we create


We only craft beautiful, premium, single malt whisky here at Chiefs Son Distillery. We create very authentic, traditional styles of whisky and you're sure to discover that they are all unashamedly big, bold and very flavoursome.

Wheat Home

Finest Ingredients

Barley, Yeast, Water, and Barrels Every batch is painstakingly crafted from the very best of artisan ingredients and hand coopered barrels. This very manual and time consuming process of selection and production targets our unique, consistent and full bodied whisky.

Barrel Home


Our Whisky Wash is precisely hand crafted by our sister brewery, the Mornington Peninsula Brewery. These long fermentations ensure exact quality and constancy.

Tank Home


Our beautiful copper still, hand made by Burns Fabrication of Griffith NSW, is then put to work. Each batch compromises two long, slow days of stripping (or low wine runs), followed by our magical spirit run day. The resulting "New Make" is an intense concentration of alcohol, esters, oils and flavours that is truly magnificent.

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Barrels and Time

Our 'New Make' is then transferred to our traditionally hand coopered French Oak, ex Sherry barrels (and some American Oak). The barrels go to work immediately, transforming the magnificent new make slowly into beautiful whisky. Meanwhile.... we sit back and marvel at its evolving beauty...